Targeted Acquisition / Alliance Programme

Richmond Capital Partners offer a bespoke targeted acquisition & alliances service tailored to your specific search criteria.

What is offered

  • Unique deep Industry knowledge and understanding of your needs
  • Targeted search using our own extensive database and other information sources at our disposal to approach companies that match your criteria
  • We can approach businesses that you have supplied to us discreetly as a ‘neutral’ agent. This ensures complete confidentiality from your perspective.
  • Gain access to businesses that may be coming on to the market that we have heard of through our extensive network.
  • Preferred status – all new businesses we are instructed to sell that match your requirements will be presented to you for first refusal prior to general marketing.
  • We will present opportunities to you where we have ‘Privileged Access’ via our network of contacts and other agents.

What are the benefits

  • Specific Industry knowledge from the only true specialists in this field
  • Confidential, discreet approaches where you are able to remain anonymous.
  • We do the time consuming/frustrating ‘data-trawling’ to find a suitable match.
  • A tailored targeted search to match exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Peace of mind with support and advice as required.
  • Approaches from a specialist can often induce people to consider selling (knowing there is a potential willing buyer) where they would not have previously considered this option.
  • Inside intelligence from the market leaders and industry experts with a broad overview of the sector.
  • Experienced buyers often get in first so this option gives you advance access.

The Process

  1. Submit to us, with as much detail as possible what it is you’re looking for and your contact details. Such details will include type of business, turnover, products/services offered, location, etc. Please complete the Form, email us at or call us on 020 7636 5491.
  2. Following this, one of our team will contact you to understand your needs and explain our fee structure.
  3. Should you wish to proceed, we will conduct the Research Programme and present to you a shortlist of the businesses we intend to approach. This gives you the opportunity to remove any you do not wish for us to contact, or conversely add any you wish to include.
  4. We make the approaches
  5. We field all responses and filter out those who are credible, serious and able to complete deals
  6. We report back to you with findings and parties interested in taking things forward.
  7. We arrange meetings at a suitable convenient time, initially at a neutral location whereby you can ask questions freely.  We will always be in attendance to support you.  This will later be followed by a site visit.
  8. Should you wish to proceed, we will then move to Heads of Agreement. Following this you will instruct your respective lawyers, complete due diligence and set a completion date.


  • We charge a modest fee on engagement to cover the Research Programme. There is then a success fee payable, but contingent upon completion. This is therefore only payable should a deal complete.

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