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Dedicated to our clients and enquirers outside the UK as well as UK businesses with global aspirations. Richmond can support your global strategy from first timers to those experienced in international M&A activity or strategic alliances.

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Seeking Acquisitions, Mergers or Strategic Alliance opportunities?

With our expertise and network of international contacts we can support you through our bespoke service in finding suitable Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances (or a hybrid of the two), or Merger partners globally.

Plus, through our consultancy and coaching services, we can then help you implement your strategy.

Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Sell with us

If you are a vendor outside the UK and would like to engage Richmond Capital Partners to sell your business please contact us directly to discuss your requirements in complete confidence.

If you are a broker/business transfer agent outside the UK operating in our sectors of expertise and wish to list your client’s business on our website please contact us to discuss how we may work together for mutual benefit.

Global Consultancy Services

We offer a range of Strategic Consultancy Services to our global clients in addition to those on our general Consultancy page, including:

  • Strategic Alliance Coaching
  • Managing cultures and post deal integration
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Risk Analysis of macro operating environments (political, financial markets, economic) to support your due diligence process.

For many global businesses a Strategic Alliance is the competitive weapon of choice!  Not only can a well managed strategic alliance offer the usual benefits of international market access but, after an effective period of working together, a strategic alliance can ultimately result in a formal acquisition or merger.

The alliance period is thus effectively the best period of due diligence available since you have eliminated much of the risk of uncertainty associated with traditional acquisitions. We can support you in this strategy.

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