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Recommended M&A Lawyers:

Andrew Ward – Sydney Mitchell Solicitors

Martin Clifford – Legal Clarity Ltd

Guvvy Sandhu – Mackrell Solicitors

Robert Flannagan – BHW Solicitors

Sourcing Finance:

Blackstone Business Finance Ltd

Tax Advisors:

Crombies Chartered Accountants

Useful Links:

Paul Holohan Distinguished Alumni Award

BBC News

Straights Times (Asian business news)

AKE Risk (global political/economic risk advice)

PrintWeek (trade journal)

Packaging News (trade journal)

Kingswood Business Sales Ltd (RCP subsidiary, generalist business broker)

Health & Safety Executive: Asbestos information

Growing Your Business (UK government advice)

The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Loughborough School of Business & Economics

Plant & Equipment Valuations

Jones Lang LaSalle 


Free Advice: A selection of our Press Releases:

COVID-19 Update

Spotting the M&A pitfalls

A ‘friendly’ Sale
Private Equity Funding
Maximising value of your business
Sell Before April
Meetings, Meetings……!
Due Diligence & Post-Acquisition Planning Pt.I.
Going for Growth Pt.I.
Due Diligence & Post-Acquisition Planning Pt.II.
Going for Growth Pt.II.
M & A Environment
Going for Growth Pt.III.
Opportunities for MBOs
Richmond Profile
Strategic Decision-Making
When Cultures Collide
Consolidation Marches On
Customer Service
Property Revaluations
Strategic Reviews

Using A Consultant
Human Aspects Of Mergers & Acquisitions
Doing Your Own Thing
Happy Birthday
Restrictive Covenants
Internet Abuse
Taper Relief
Joint Ventures
Non-Executive Directors
Buying A Business- A Step By Step Guide
Buying A Business- A Step By Step Guide vol2
Corporate Alliances
Buying A Business- A Step By Step Guide vol3
Competitor Analysis
Buying A Business- A Step By Step Guide vol4
Do You Want To Put Your Feet Up?
Buying A Business- A Step By Step Guide vol5
Trade Sale Or MBO?
Financial Health Checks
Data Protection Act
Promotional Activity
Culture Change
Taper Relief: Hidden Traps
Factoring And Invoice Discounting
Rush To Exit
Going It Alone
Realising Wealth Through Break-Up
Purchase Of Own Shares
Communicating With Shareholders
Surviving A Crisis
Valuing Your Business
Health Of The Workforce
A Family Affair
Clinching The Acquisition
A Born Leader?
Great Expectations
Business Reviews
Removing A Director From The Board
Directors, Take Care!
Employment Tribunals – Keep To The Rules To AvoidHeavy Penalties!
Tackling Late Payment
Finance Update
Tackling Late Payment (2)
Why Change Fails
Managing Business Risk
The Change Challenge
Business Angels
Saving Capitalgains Tax On Asset Transfer
Tax Rate Goes Down!
It’s All In The Plan!
Living Up To Expectations
Monkey Business?
Managing Inherited Problems
Acquisition Targeting And Evaluation
Management Buyouts (MBOs)
Succession Planning
Buying A Business
Due Diligence
Shareholders Rights At An AGM
Making An Exit
Planning The Exit
Making An Exit Vol2
Selling The Business
Making An Exit Vol3
Retirement & Property
Creating An Innovative Culture
Acquisition Strategy – Getting It Right!
Cash Is King
Employees As Stakeholders
A Management Buy-In
Marketing The Business
You Are Not Alone
More Or Less
Get In Shape!
In-House Or Outsource?
Great Expectations: Valuations
A ‘friendly’ Sale
Grooming The Business For Sale

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