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Organic growth alone is often a lengthy process if the aim is to rapidly grow your business. Often, buying a business can help to realise your vision and develop shareholder wealth! Acquisitions (including merger and joint venture strategies) offer a faster and realistic alternative route to achieve these aims.

In the present climate, consolidation is rife within the Printing, Packaging, Marketing, Engineering & Allied sectors in order to remain competitive. Whether you are a strategic buyer building a group, a private business seeking to acquire core competencies/market access, to grow clients/turnover or are a professional manager/team seeking MBO/MBI opportunities – we have a solution for you. You may be interested in buying a business, strategic alliances, joint ventures or merger opportunities. Either way we can support you step-by-step. Buyers: Businesses for Sale

View our list of Printing, Packaging, Marketing, Engineering & Allied sector Businesses for Sale.


Proactive Buyers

Using our expertise we can source the right acquisition (or merger partner) to meet your brief. Contact us to discuss our formal bespoke Targeted Acquisition Programme.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Please submit your acquisition profile to us and Register as a Buyer. If you are thinking of buying a business in other industry sectors please contact our subsidiary company Kingswood Business Sales Ltd.

Intermediary Service: Already have a target business in mind?

We can value your target business and advise on the acquisition (or merger) process including initial approaches, chairing and hosting meetings, negotiations, preparing forecasts, drafting an offer and reaching Heads of Agreement. Contact us

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    Printer B3 Litho/SRA3 Digital Printing Business, South Midlands. Turnover: £450,000. This business serves attractive niche markets, is well established with a strong reputation and excellent potential for growth! Contact Us today quoting ref P/470!